Anthropometric Laboratories in the UK and Ireland

The 1884 International Health Exhibition provided for Francis Galton the opportunity to set up an Anthropometric Laboratory for the first time. Taking place in South Kensington between Exhibition Road and Queen’s Gate, next to the South Kensington Museum, the exhibition was an opportunity for four million visitors to understand the importance of the ‘science of sanitation,’ which ‘affects… Read More »

Locating a rare biography of Francis Galton

Francis Galton has been the subject of several major biographies (Cowan 1984; Gillham 2001; Waller 2001), and much historical study. Karl Pearson asserted his own primacy as Galton’s disciple with his Life, Letters, and Labours of Francis Galton (Pearson 1914, 1924, 1930a, 1930b). Vague references to a Galton biography by “Coleridge” set me on the task of locating what… Read More »