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Source of the famous “Eugenics Tree” image

The “eugenics tree” is one of the most reprinted images associated with the history of the subject. The source is Laughlin (1923: 15, figure 3). It was used at the Second International Congress of Eugenics (September 25-27, 1921), held at the American Museum of Natural History, New York City. The image was created for a certificate awarded “for meritorious… Read More »

Speeches Delivered at a Dinner in Honour of Karl Pearson, 1934

Karl Pearson retired in 1933, aged 76. To honour his career, colleagues and former students gathered for a dinner in April 1934. On this occasion, Professor LNG Filon, Vice-Chancellor of University of London, gave a tribute to Pearson. This was followed by recollections from several long-time colleagues and the presentation of various gifts. Pearson gave a “reply” to… Read More »