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In May 2020, the Legacies of Eugenics project will hold a one-day workshop and a one-day Wikithon to reflect upon the history and legacies of eugenics at UCL. This provides information about the WIKITHON.

Workshop and Wikithon May 2020 | First Call for Participation

For many decades, the history and legacy of eugenics have been subjects of investigation by historians and philosophers of science. In February 2020, University College London’s Commission of Inquiry to Investigate the History of Eugenics at UCL is due to report its findings. Experts in the history and philosophy of science community are in an important position to reflect… Read More »

Instructions for Contributing to “Legacies of Eugenics” Wikithon 02 May 2020

Following our call for participation in a one-day Wikithon (aka, an “edit-a-thon”) to improve Wikipedia resources associated with the history of eugenics at UCL and the history of eugenics across Britain, this page provides instructions for participation. This event is  intended to further the impact of the final report published by University College London’s Commission of Inquiry to Investigate… Read More »